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In the Stars by SapphireAngelGirl
In the Stars
Used Neo Queen Serenity Base for Human Kharis
Found and edited picture of the diamond from Google
Mobian Base by GothicSoulIzzy

Please give Proper Credits!

Thanks to the power of the Diamond Heart, Kharis is able to transform from her original human form into that of a Half Cat, Half Rabbit Mobian.
Sherif-Fiona X Barmaid Sally Request by SapphireAngelGirl
Sherif-Fiona X Barmaid Sally Request
Oh my goodness....I was so nervous doing this! My first request for a yuri pic that I've done (both in actuality and in SAI)). I hope it looks okay....
Requested by laqb with her version of the Sonic Archie Characters Sally Acorn and Fiona Fox

ps: I know Fiona was supposed to have a Sheriffs badge but I can't do those just yet...sorry!

It has come to my attention that I forgot to add the base in which I used. I used this…

So please give proper credits! I was really tired when I uploaded it originally. Sorry for the trouble
Aleena and Sonia by SapphireAngelGirl
Aleena and Sonia
Used the picture of Queen Alicia and her Daughter Sally from the Archie Comics
Yes, I know Aleena's hair is screwy...sorry...

*Sonia is trying to find the perfect outfit for her blind date*
Sonia: Mother, do you think this is better or...? it formal? Informal...? *Picks up the little black dress* Surely there is more to this attire than this...?

Sonia: Oh Mother, every girl needs her own little Black dress~
Aleena: I see......


I tried keeping the context as similar to the base as I could, as I feel Aleena and Alicia would have similar problems with their respective daughters lol.

Btw. Who do you think her blind date is? Comment and let me know! The one I like best I'll use as a pairing in my story~!
P.S: It can't be Knuckles or Shadow.
Mobian Kharis Reference sure if this needs the mature content warning since she's a Mobian and covered in fur and all.....but just in case.

I needed a reference for how she looked as a Mobian, without dress coverings and all. I'm starting to get the hang of the basics of Paint Tool SAI I think......not really ......sorta.....maybe......

Base used from SparBases-please give the proper credits!
Mobian Kharis- Happy Thanksgiving! by SapphireAngelGirl
Mobian Kharis- Happy Thanksgiving!
Okay, so this is my very FIRST TIME using Paint Tool Sai.....obviously XD
I used Vanilla the Rabbit as my base and there are lots I still don't know how to do but I can say I'm pretty proud of my first time Super Amy Transformation 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I wish you all well~Sailor Chibi Moon 


Kharis Ariadne
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Some one...stop me...! I am on face book now and even joined a role play group...though no one wants to RP with me just scared to ask anyone....>~< dear lords of Olympus what have I gotten myself into?!

To all of you who check out my art, Thanks for just stopping by!
Planning on going to the upcoming Fall anime convention, so give me a shout if your going to~! I love meeting new people!

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can I have a request?
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