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Mobian Kharis-Summer Sunshine by SapphireAngelGirl
Mobian Kharis-Summer Sunshine
Okay, I used a base from someone here on DA, but for the life of me I can't remember who and I forgot to fav it.....So please give credit to the original base maker!! Once I figure out who I'll be sure to get this description updated, or place a link here to the original base I used.

Anyway, college is back in session now and I'm missing summer so,....this came about! I also played with my phones editing to make it all shiny!!

Ink I'm too obsessed with Sonic.....can't stop drawing her in Mobian Form XD 
Chapter 3

The school was cool compared to the heat that graced Station Square that day, as Kharis led her class to recess after everyone had finished their lunch. She had enjoyed teaching her rotation of students that morning as they had come to one of her favorite subjects. Ancient Histories, namely, the Greeks.

The school system didn't really enjoy her fascination with that specific topic though, so to keep up with the curriculum she used her passions and created some extra credit work that the children enjoyed.

As her mind spun with the simple joys as she thought of the different myths and legends she could use, she watched all the children play along with a few other teachers on duty. She was glad she wore her comfortable flats today, as soon a group of middle schoolers asked her to come play tag with them.

It was unusual for a teacher to play with the kids, especially middle school kids and other teachers looked down and ridiculed her often. She didn't care, it helped her bond with the students and she noticed that children with closer bonds to their teachers learnt the subject materials better as they focused more closely to teachers they looked up to.

She had support for her methods as well, as the school councilor for the children and the elderly Principal both noticed the improved states of the children's attitudes and their grades. As long as her interactions never went to the darker side, they were fine letting her do as she wished. That was never an issue brought up, as even those who scorned her couldn't deny her child like innocence, though they loved to denote it as her naivety since she was still a virgin. Especially the older women with their perfect hair styles and polished make up and shoes.

Such thoughts didn't plague Kharis though as she tripped, tumbled, and ran through out the playground with the children, always just running slow enough to be caught every now and then to keep the game fair. It didn't matter that she was 23 years old, didn't matter how much she self-loathed the fact she wasn't feminine or ladylike. As she played those thoughts couldn't reach her as she felt free to be herself and to let go...

What did confuse her was the children that kept animatedly talking about someone called 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. Now Kharis wasn't one to watch the news for anything more than the weather, so she let the children fill her in on the mysterious speedster that was causing such a ruckus in the main part of the city.

It made her think of the hedgehog in her dreams...but now, with news of an actual two-legged hedgehog like him walking and talking in reality...was Shadow just the character of a most bizarre dream or was she somehow really linked to another, living creature?

Distracted by her thoughts as she was, she realized to late that she had ran to close to the ledge of a steep hill near the back of the school, a bit away from the playground. Her surprised scream was echoed by the children who saw her fall down and begin tumbling to the tree line of the forest below, moaning as she finally came to a stop.

Her head hurt badly, but it didn't seem to bad and a quick check found no broken bones. Her clothes were ripped and dirty now though, and she guessed she might have had some degree of a concussion judging by how much her head throbbed.

How else could she explain the startled green hedgehog gaping at her a few feet away?

He seemed to be around 3'5", with green fur with strangely spiked bangs, warm golden brown eyes, a red vest and tennis shoes. "Dude...that was one major okay?" He asked worriedly, coming over to help Kharis stand up. His voice held a familiar tone to it, like he knew her though she had no clue who he was.

"I've been worse, I suppose..." She said nervously, though forced herself to relax. He didn't outright attack her like Shadow had, so she didn't have the right to judge him based on a previous experience.

"Let's get you back up that hill, can you walk?" He asked, helping her stand then supporting her when she swayed. "...guess not...bummer." He said, helping her up the steep hill slowly as others carefully came down to assist. The other teachers nearly fainted at the sight of the large green hedgehog supporting the woman before them, but the sight of blood beginning to trickle down the side of her face spurred them back into action.


"I'm Manic, by the way." The green hedgehog introduced later, sitting with Kharis in the nurses office. She had refused to go to the hospital despite her light concussion, so the nurse bandaged her head the best she could and gave her instructions to get to a proper doctor for a check up soon to make sure it was nothing severe.

Kharis looked at the hedgehog before her... "I'm Kharis...Kharis Ariadne." She said in turn. "So uh...I know this is comin' from out of no where but...think I could crash at your place? I mean...not just me, but like, my sis and mom to? We...We're not from this area as you can see.." He said awkwardly, and the whole awkwardness caused Kharis to laugh lightly from how random and honestly adorable it was.

They just met! Now he was asking if he and his family could live with her? Well...She did owe him for helping her she it didn't seem likely that any one else would offer assistance to a walking anthropomorphic hedgehog and his family without calling the government to haul them off to Area 51 or something...

"Um...well...I do live in a two bedroom I suppose...? How old are you though?" She asked, to which he relaxed to her agreement of his family's arrangement. "Huh? Oh! I'm 15!" Manic replied. "Besides...not like you should be alone
right now anyway with that bruise on your head."

"Right..." Just what in the name of Olympus did I just agree to...?! She thought to herself, exhausted.


The principal let Kharis go home early that day and gave her the month off with pay. Despite her objections that she could still perform her job. She did stop and meet with the children though to reassure them, before Manic began to escort her home as her vision swam more than once. In the parking lot they meet with a pink hedgehog, obviously a female judging by the petite body form and dress. "Yo! Sonia! Kharis said she'd let us crash at her place!" Manic called cheerfully to which the acclaimed Sonia face palmed. "Manic what did you do!? Why is she hurt?!" Sonia screeched, marching up to Manic who hid behind Kharis fearfully.

"Um...c-can we just go home...?" Kharis asked, trying to stall the incoming fight with the two brightly colored hedgehogs. They froze, Sonia with her fists raised and Manic cowering comically away from her, and blinked owlishly at her. Kharis was beginning to rethink letting them stay with her...or perhaps that was just the bump on her head.

The way home was...interesting to say the least. Kharis lived a few blocks from the school, further out into the countryside and away from the heart of Station Square. It was a good thing to, as it meant she mostly walked from home to work and vice versa, so she didn't have to worry about driving in her condition.

She could have done without all the stares and whispers though! Sonia and Manic made it worse even, walking on either side of her like some sort of body guards! Their backs were straight, eyes fierce and everything about them gave off an aura of protectiveness and determination. But she noticed that they also be looking for someone.

Didn't Manic say his sister and mother? So...that meant they were looking for their mom as they made the trip to Kharis' little apartment.

It didn't take long to find her.

A scream had the two hedgehogs jumping into action before Kharis could finish blinking, dashing into an alley not to far up ahead. She dashed after them after gathering her bearings, and shooting some light glares at the few people that had been whispering about the group nearby. It didn't seem like any one was calling the cops or animal control just yet, so maybe they just thought they were just kids in costumes?

Not being as fast as the two, it took her a few minutes longer to get to the opening of the ally way...and she wished it took her longer. There, laying prone on the ground were three men, the local drunks if Kharis recalled correctly, unconscious with fresh bruises beginning to appear on what flesh she could see.

Further in she saw Manic and Sonia fretting over a tall purple hedgehog woman, whom Kharis assumed automatically was their mother judging by how the woman interacted and handled the two.

The purple hedgehog seemed to be around 5', just a bit shorter than Kharis was and was dressed in a fine white gown with gold trimmings and red cloak held snug around her petite shoulders with a golden heart clasp. She had startling green eyes, a womanly figure and held herself with the poise and grace Kharis could only associate with royalty.

The royalty bit was also cemented when Kharis caught a glimpse of the ornately decorated golden crown that sat upon her head of cascading amethyst locks of hair.

It was obvious the woman had fought back, judging by the slight disarray of her clothing and ruffled appearance, and Sonia and Manic had just finished them off in the seconds after. "Let's get home quick, best not to be standing around in case they wake up..." Kharis said worriedly as she leaned against the wall of the ally, slightly grossed out by the muck on it but shrugging it off as the vision before her swam more violently with the excitement.

"Yes, the young lady is right, my dears. Let's get away from this dreadful place." The mother said, as Manic came to help Kharis once more as her knees wobbled. As the group of four hurried home, the mother introduced herself as Aleena on the trip back.

Only thing Kharis could think of through the headache though as she talked lightly with the elegant woman was that she had one heck of a tale to tell Shadow that night!
The Strongest is the Heart Ch. 3
Chapter three, set and ready to go~!

Just to say, these are slightly edited-better finished projects than the ones posted on just slightly though~
Please Read and comment~! Thankies~
Chapter 2


She opened her eyes hesitantly, once more in the white void that stretched for miles. She felt her body tense underneath the golden silk of her pajama set, with long sleeves and pants for a warm and cozy attire. She was ready to spring at any moment, to run away despite her previous thoughts. "So you came back..." Came the low, smooth voice behind her.

"I-I don't think I have much choice to be here or not..." She said simply, closing her eyes and taking deep breathes to steady her resolve. "Are you not going to try and run today?" He asked, slightly curious to her intentions. "Running won't solve anything...besides...I'm 23 years old, I need to be a bit braver.." She replied softly, turning to face his burning gaze as he stood there watching her with his arms crossed.

"Hmm...for a human...bravery can easily be just misplaced foolishness." He stated coldly, coming to stand beside her as they gazed out into the never ending void. "Perhaps.." She said simply, falling to her knees and settling into a sitting position with her legs folded beside her. He stared at her a bit more, sensing her fear and determination mixing together inside her as he stayed standing by her side.

When Shadow had first seen her, he had tried to attack her as his emotions exploded in rage. To him, that tragic scene from the past still haunted him, taunted him in this white space for however long he had been here, alone.

He knew not how long he had been in this white void, was it minutes? Days? Years?! His hatred simmering, growing as his memories slowly fractured and distorted though he was unaware of it here in this expanse. Then she appeared, and after the first initial attack and the following chase that led to her strange disappearance once he caught her...he had begun to think. Even he could tell she was an innocent, with no military training and no scent of bloodlust. But she had ran every time since then, except for now..

Kharis looked up at him, before looking back out at the blankness around them. "Kharis..." She said suddenly, wincing as his head snapped towards her at the sudden break in silence though she kept her eyes averted. "What?" "My name...its told me your name last now I've told you mine." She said, her voice gaining a bit more courage as she stopped stuttering.

"Kharis...what does it mean?" He asked softly, mentally cursing at her still tangible fear of him though it was justified. She giggled softly, slowly beginning to relax as he made no signs of violence, just curiosity. "My name is Greek in origin. 'Kharis' means charm, grace, and kindness." She explained happily, loving the meaning of her name. "Bet you don't think it fits, huh?" She added softly, which made him curious...

"Why would you think that?" He asked after a second, seeing her crestfallen expression. This woman held no qualms and was very open with her emotions it reminded him of Maria...she was terrified one moment, happy the next and now sad.

"Well. I'm not very graceful at all, I have little to no charm and many think I'm stuck up and mean, so that must mean I'm not very kind." She explained casually, as if it was a matter of fact that was carved in stone. She didn't know why she was telling him this, when others she tried to talk to just scoffed at her and never took her seriously, thinking she was just being dramatic. Perhaps because she still hoped this was nothing but a strange reoccurring dream, and she needed someone to talk to...

"Hm...well, I don't know you well enough to be a judge of that...but whether it is because of foolishness or bravery, perhaps both, you decided not to run this time. So perhaps if these strange meetings continue...I'll have your answer." Shadow said simply, and he was startled when she gazed at him with a brilliant smile and soft laugh. "That's the most I think I've heard you say yet!" Which led him to scoff and turn his head, though he held a small smirk.

*Dream ends*

Kharis awoke at the sound of her alarm and reached over to turn off the annoying rooster calls the little machine emitted. She felt much more rested and awake than she had in the last few days, and she had to smile as she thought back to the dream.

They had continued just talking, and she felt so much better now as it seemed they had begun to form an, albeit unsteady, friendship of some sorts. He had tried to kill her upon that first night, and she took the step to offer her hand in peace. He had seemed so tormented by something...especially the fact she was human. It was that first realization that had driven her to try and change things between them last night. Dream or one deserved to suffer.

Though she clutched at her chest...she didn't know how long it would take before this fear would fully dissipate, if it ever did. She could still feel his gloved hands clutched around her neck from when he had caught her that first night, strangling her with a fiery and far off gaze in his eyes as he growled at her like some sort

She was glad she had woken up when she did.

Shaking her mind of the memories, she got up to greet the day. Brushing her teeth after a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon she had cooked the night before, combing her hair so it flowed to her shoulders gently with its natural hint of waves, though it was mostly straight. Dressed in a pair of black dress pants and short sleeved shirt that was a pretty green, she sat once more on her bed.

Next to her bed was her white oak bedside table with a butterfly lamp, alarm clock, coaster for a drink if she required one and the strange gem.

She picked up the gem that was a bit bigger than her fist was and held it, feeling the strange rush of energy once more that came every time she was in contact with it. It was shaped like a diamond would be, but she couldn't quite call its whitish gray colored form a diamond.

She closed her eyes and begun her daily ritual, which was a light meditation in the morning followed by a more extensive one in the afternoon. She had been using the strange gem as her source of focus ever since it had come to be in her possession.

She focused on its strange energies, imagining them as a bright, positive light wave that she focused into flowing into her body, forcing out and caring away her negative thoughts and emotions and bathing her in warmth. It was a simple meditation technique, but she always felt rejuvenated and powerful now that she added the mysterious gem to it, though she just chocked it up to her imagination. She also began to feel a strange warmth in her heart lately, like something was growing and forming inside her, but the thought was always cast to the back of her mind.

As she placed the gem into a small container she had bought for it and hid it away for the day, she wondered what the bright yet cloudy day would throw at her this time.

She never would have imagined that she would meet and then house royalty from a different planet, let alone that royalty be a mother and her children...a Hedgehog mother and her Hedgehog children...
The Strongest is the Heart Ch. 2
So here's Chapter 2 finally....@.@ Work and College are insane!

So anyway,...please read and comment below! I definitely need to know if there is anything I can do to make it better....

though flamers will be doused with a firehose 

Don't like ShadowXHumanOc? Don't read it then..XD
Kharis' Pet/Friend Chao by SapphireAngelGirl
Kharis' Pet/Friend Chao
Currently without a name, anyone got any options for me? XD

I had a traditional sketch of her floating somewhere...couldn't find I made this instead lol.

base by Knuckles119-d3ypzzf <- please give proper credit. Not sure if the d3ypzzf is actually part of her name but I couldn't get another tab up to check so I had to go off the base I saved.....sorry

Did change the mouth, that's it, if the maker of the base requests I take it down then I will.

The thing on her head is supposed to be a veil, not very good with those kind of things.....
Kharis and her daughter by SapphireAngelGirl
Kharis and her daughter
ember14-d9nvavx <- owner of the base I used, please give her credit!

okay so this is Kharis and her second daughter from my Sonic the Hedgehog story. sooo...spoiler alert? XD Sorry, I was eager to get them designed once I thought them up for the story sooo....sorry XD

Aria, unlike her twin sister, was born as a human infant for reasons unknown


Kharis Ariadne
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To all of you who check out my art, Thanks for just stopping by!
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