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Welcome my little Tryphosa, an OC daughter my character Kharis adopts. She doesn't make an appearance in my Sonic Fanfiction but she is still closely tied to my OC Kharis.

She is roughly 3-4 years old and has the strange ability to emit light from her body.

Used a picture by Watase Yuu for her series 'Ayashi no Ceres' as a base, please give proper credits
Shining Heart-Beauty in the Imperfections
Used a picture of some anime character I found on google. Please give proper credits!

I want to try something a little different. So instead of putting down how this picture makes me feel and what I felt making it,..... I want to hear how this picture makes YOU feel and what it makes you think about.
Same for those who only really watch me for my Sonic art. As Human Kharis is just as much part of as the Mobian Kharis is, because without the Human there would be no

Comment below and let the ideas and feelings flow~
Beauty in the Imperfections- Kharis
Got Sai Fully now, I learned how to use the blending tool as I went on....XD
Used a picture from Shinigami no Ballad as a base, please give proper credits!!!

"It is not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not." -Dennis Waitley
My Soul, My Heart, My Diamond
Diamond heart images found on Google, please give proper credits 
edited on phone to get the right color and found an app to make the collage
Inspired by my long time obsession with Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal.

so here is the official introduction of my (I.E: Kharis')  diamond heart. I had been working out the idea before incorporating it into my Sonic Story so please do not tie the diamond Heart to that exclusively, it just helped me flesh out the details for it.

i chose diamond simply for three reasons
1:  I was born in April
2: Diamonds are the hardest known substance in the world (astronomers have also found stars with diamond cores)
3: Diamonds have a rich variety in supernatural myths from all across history and countries/religions

Abilities and powers will be added soon. Super Sailor Moon 
Happy New Years!!!!!
Sketched out and then edited with my phone

base by…

Happy New Years Everyone! It's hard to believe it's already been a whole year! I'm so happy for all of the new friends I've made and I pray that the new year holds many miracles and lots of happiness for everyone!!!


Kharis Ariadne
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United States
Some one...stop me...! I am on face book now and even joined a role play group...though no one wants to RP with me just scared to ask anyone....>~< dear lords of Olympus what have I gotten myself into?!

To all of you who check out my art, Thanks for just stopping by!
Planning on going to the upcoming Fall anime convention, so give me a shout if your going to~! I love meeting new people!


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Sure, if your alright with me. It might take a while though with College and such...
Do you have a base in mind for me to use? Characters?
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can I have a request?
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Its perfectly fine honestly. I understand. Im a senior I highschool right now so I have been busy as well lol. I have missed you :-)
SapphireAngelGirl Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am, school has gotten insane. I'm now going to both a Community College and a University. Sorry
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Hello? Are you here?
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